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There are objects with absolute and never-ending beauty … My deepest stylistic goal, the ultimate purpose of my profession, is to create this Beauty.

Beauty is an elegant and unconventional form, a thought-out and sophisticated material, an emotion resulted from a contrast, the history that an object hides in his creative path or realization. Not least, beauty is the essence that connect soul to objects.

My style is based on elegance, concreteness, symmetry and order … A product, a dress or a space created in this way makes me feel relaxed, and I want this balance is also to be perceived by those live them.

My approach to a bespoke service is to understand the companies needs and goals, heritage, technical potential and the vision of its business. This information is essential in order to take the clients measurements, tailor the collection, that best enhances its uniqueness in the market and its business objectives.

My purpose is not make fashionable pieces, these are intrinsically time-dimension limited, I want to create timeless beautiful things. The history of art is full of artworks whose beauty has not been perceived in real time but praised still today.

Born reflecting the Renaissance splendor of nearby Florence, always enchanted by Parisian’s romantic of ‘800 ending, artistically formed in the Milanese fashion quarter. Now, back in Florence, Madame Dessin dreams about contribute, in her own artistic dimension, to a new movement, as Brunelleschi made to what they called Renaissance or Monet made in what has been the Belle Epoque…

…because dreaming looking beyond the horizon is the basis of creativity.


I am currently: